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This One's Gonna Hurt

by Cole Woodruff

New Car 03:11
I wish I had a new car. Maybe something you’d like. Maybe I’d ask you out on Friday, we could go for a drive. I wish that I was in love, no, I wish I was dead…I don’t know anymore. I don’t care what I said. I wish that I was more handsome, maybe I’d catch your eye. I wish that I had the courage, but you know it don’t matter, girl, cause I ain’t got no chance to survive. I wish that I had a ring. I wish that I knew your size. I’d slip it onto your finger, babe. Girl, I hope it fits right. But we’re just a dream made up in my mind.
Living Room 03:51
We waited out the storm in the front seat of your car, the day we fell apart. I went walking through the rain, collapsing on the floor, my living room was dark. Lay it down, let it go. Hear that sound, and know you’re not alone. Say your prayers when you lay down to sleep. Heal your heart, but remember me. Yesterday you called. I had all the words, but I couldn’t pick up the phone. Rest another day and try to find the strength to chase away the rain
In Dreams 03:56
I’ve been awake for three days straight, I’ve been searching for truth. I’ve seen the sky, the grandest design, the beauty that can’t rival you. But I’ve got a girl to sing me a song. She’s just the prettiest thing. I’m feeling good, but it won’t be long until she packs up her things and leaves. Heaven knows, I’m on my way back home. Heaven knows, we’ll live here until we grow old When all these tears turn to gold, in dreams. I’m on the fence of starting again, leaving this town here today. I can’t be loved, I ain’t good enough, the story’s always the same.
The Gem City 04:26
I’ve got a new guitar and an old suitcase. I’m not lonely now, but I am most days. I’m still running from the place where I called home. I’m making my way on down that old dirt road. The Gem City has lost its shimmer, the pretty girls stay in all winter, and you don’t call my name like you did. I’ve got a song to sing and a melody. I’ve gotta get out of this town, before they bury me. Six blocks down from the bar is where I lay my head. I drive by every night, but I won’t go in.
Your Man 04:36
Setting sail in love and sinking like a stone. Broken from the storm and left here all alone. Her beauty shines like daylight and conceals the moon and stars. Rescued from the gallows, she healed my broken heart. All the hope I’ve gathered, it’s still too far to reach across the raging waters, my love was lost at sea. So whisper to me softly and sing me back to sleep. Fill my heart with wonder, then shatter all my dreams. I wanna be your man. I want to be yours.
I don’t just wanna sing love songs anymore. I wanna know how it feels to be loved. I don’t just wanna fight, cause fighting’s getting old. I don’t just wanna scream, I wanna kiss your lips and hold you close. So baby, tell me now, that this thing is going somewhere, cause all the days I’ve fought for are gone now that you’re here. I don’t just wanna sing love songs anymore. I wanna know how it feels to be loved. I don’t just wanna live, I wanna feel alive. I don’t just wanna give, I wanna lay my heart down on the line.
Walls 03:48
I’ve been waiting for you all my life. These walls have stood the test of time. I’m safe and comfortable inside. I never feel the pain or doubt, like I do when you’re around. Well, no one wants to be alone. I am, most of the time now, though. But I’d rather never love again than to feel the way I feel. I’ve been waiting for you all my life, now you’re gone.
Madalena 04:01
The winter winds burn on my skin as I go. I walk and I run, over the hills in the snow. Madalena, I’ve come. Forgive me my haste, but I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. I’m a poor man, I am what I am, but I know that I ain’t got much, but I’d give it all to you, girl. Madalena, I’ve come. Forgive me my tears, but I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you.
Colorado 04:35
Lights on the interstate shine. Chasing that western sky, it’s calling me. Driving all through the night. Maybe I’ve lost my mind, probably, but I can’t sleep. I’m already gone, Denver, here I come. Finally, I can get some sleep. Walking down the street, every girl I meet is calling me. I could stay in Colorado. There ain’t no ghosts for me to talk to. And when the sun breaks over the planes, I won’t hear you call my name. I could stay in Colorado.
This Town 03:38
I’m fed up with this town. The pain, the heartbreak, the lonesome sound. No one comes out to my shows. I pack up my guitar and make the drive home all alone. And wait for my next letdown. The bars are always full. Sometimes I walk around at night just hoping to see you. It might be best to go. I don’t wanna end up just like all the fools I know. This town will kill you slow. So tell me, what is it I do this for? I sing my shitty songs to feel like maybe I’m something more than a worthless drop in a fountain of despair. I need some inspiration, but I’ll never find it here in this town.
When I look into your eyes, I know there’s something I can’t hide, and I know that this one’s gonna hurt. Sitting there in that old dress, your makeup gone and your hair a mess, I know I don’t wanna be alone. But just like the setting sun, I find our love has faded on in time. When I look into your eyes, I know there’s something I can’t hide, and I know that this one’s gonna hurt. It’s in the way that you call my name, the way you laugh, the way you turn away when our eyes meet across a room. Hold on to love while you can, if it’s in your heart, don’t let it go. It’s the best thing that you have.


released April 28, 2018

Recorded and Produced by Jim Bailey at Velvet Lounge Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Justin Rowland at Amplitude Studios
Photography by XJamesRamos
Album Art Design by Keller Illustrations

All songs written by Cole Woodruff
Arranged by Cole Woodruff, Jim Bailey, and Justin Rowland
Track 1 arranged by Justin Rowland and Cole Woodruff

Radio Intro Tracks

Penny Pebble by Baby Ocho
I Saw You Standing There by Tommy
Lower by Chris Wilson
Over by The McDonalds
E. Washington by Danni Al Mar

Special thanks to Spark Joy Music, Studio Live Indy, Eat New Media, Alley's Alehouse, and Books & Brews


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Cole Woodruff Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, IN
Sad bastard songwriter.

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